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A grey female Miniature Donkey.

Juniper's Story

Juniper was born at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch to mini-donkey Cypress on May 9, 2009, just a day before Mother's Day. She only weighed 25 pounds and was just 24 inches tall. Juniper was born with about 2 inches of fluffy foal fuzz that made her look bigger then she actually was. Because Cypress gave birth during a Longmeadow Open House day, many people had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing the birth of a mini donkey. As a newborn, Juniper was never shy around people. She wanted to crawl right into your lap even if she didn't know you. At first this made Mom Cypress a little nervous but eventually, she learned to enjoy the additional attention. Juniper's mother Cypress arrived at Longmeadow in August 2008. She was part of the Humane Society of Missouri's largest rescue up to that time. Cypress was underweight and had malformed hooves from years of neglect. She also had a large tennis ball-sized growth protruding from the corner of her right eye which limited her sight. An equine surgeon removed growth and today, you cannot tell it was ever there. Probably because she was feeling so badly and had not been handled very much before she arrived at Longmeadow, Cypress was not very friendly. She was hard to catch and avoided human contact whenever possible. With lots of loving care from Longmeadow staff, Cypress is a good mother who's learning to trust people and enjoy life at the ranch.

Juniper's Health

Juniper is being trained to walk on a lead and pick up her feet for the farrier who takes care of her hooves. She will be vaccinated at 6 months and she is dewormed every 30 days. Juniper's teeth will be checked yearly and the farrier will trim her feet every 6-8 weeks.

Juniper's Personality

Juniper is very bold. She has had to learn not to climb into people's laps or bump into people. Juniper has a very playful personality and likes to race around her pen and jump over toys and feed bins. Juniper is a very sweet and respectful jenny and does not bite or kick even when playing.